The Seven Vertical Scales


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On this unique and informative sonic exploration of original solo piano artistry, Andy pays tribute in his signature style to the Seven Vertical Scales at the core of George Russell's ground-breaking treatise on music theory "The Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization - the art and science of Tonal Gravity." (see credit information below.)

This recording is an aural tribute to the monumental keystone that is George Russell's life's work and his contribution to all music and music theory.

Each spontaneous composition and improvisation allows the listener to hear the voice, color and flavor of each Vertical Chord-Producing Parent Scale in the specific order from Ingoing to Outgoing as they exist in close- to-distant relationship to the center of tonal gravity, The Lydian Tonic.

These six tracks present the following musical selections: 1) The Lydian Scale (Ingoing), 2) The Lydian Augmented Scale, 3) The Lydian Diminished Scale (Semi-Ingoing/Consonant Nucleus), 4) The Lydian Flat Seventh Scale, 5) The Auxiliary Augmented Scale (Semi-Outgoing), 6) The Auxiliary Diminished Scale (Semi-Outgoing) and The Auxiliary Diminished Blues Scale (Outgoing).

Learn more about "George Russell's Lydian Chromatic Concept Of Tonal Organization" by clicking ON THIS LINK.
and visit Andy Wasserman's website George Russell tribute page AT THIS LINK

This album was recorded live and broadcast as a livestream event from Andy Wasserman's website. You can view his weekly livestream concerts and video-on-demand archives of past performances including this one AT THIS LINK.

All references and terminology of the LCCOTO used here to explain the nature of these tracks and their musical content are copyrighted intellectual property protected by law and belonging exclusively to George Russell and Concept Publishing. All rights Reserved.

The fourth and final edition, published by Maestro Russell in 2001, is available directly from "Concept Publishing" at Amazon.