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Private Music Lessons Online In Real-Time via Video Conferencing since 2010

Interactive and personalized instruction on the internet, customized for you!


Online lessons and in-home instruction for children, teens and adults:
For beginners, intermediate and advanced levels

Experienced and dedicated music artist and educator Andy Wasserman opens his teaching studio to the whole world 24/7 through a high-speed internet in his recording studio for personalized, one-on-one webcam private lessons via real-time streaming video, audio and file sharing

This online distance learning can be accessed using your choice of the free call service platforms Skype or Zoom video conferencing for face-to-face webcam streaming. Your lessons can be recorded during the call and archived, stored on your device for future reference. Or if you prefer, we can communicate via phone calls and email too.

Wasserman's studio configures an Ethernet-wired connection, two Hi-Def webcams (switching views between face and Steinway grand piano keys) a studio condenser microphone and Pro-Audio USB interface for smooth, superb sound and picture.

Andy has 3 free services available by request to supplement the video chat for an enhanced learning experience: a whiteboard web program, with audio, document upload and text-chat functions for charts and sheet music (Andy draws on whiteboard in real-time during lesson with Wacom Tablet); music notation software file sharing, and cloud storage for custom video and audio practice files he produces individually for each student.

Highly interactive, customized and personalized programs of study in piano, music theory, composition, arranging, improvisation, percussion and rhythmic training, and George Russell's Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization. Specializing in Jazz, Classical and Pop styles and the connections between them, including Jazz improvisation, Song Writing and Classical Repertoire interpretation.

CLICK HERE to send an email directly to Andy for more details on his one-on-one, distance learning private lessons

A QUESTION ASKED VERY OFTEN THESE DAYS - "Why study music with an experienced, qualified, life-long professional musician and music educator when you can simply watch YouTube videos and try teaching yourself?" The answer is this:

Music is a deep and worthy subject to pursue.

A deep subject must be studied deeply.

A worthy subject must be studied in a worthy manner.

In order to pursue music in an enjoyable, fulfilling, creative, connected and authentic way we must make a sincere intention and commitment to the process of learning as we grow to know it.

To do that, we must study it correctly.


  • Quality of the teacher:  Most educators agree it is better to have Skype lessons with an excellent teacher than it is to have in-person lessons with a less qualified teacher.
  • Searching for the best match to suit your needs: Seeking a new teacher using Skype broadens the search possibilities since choices are not restricted to one's local geographical area.
  • Connecting with the right teacher: Skype gives students the opportunity to find the best teacher whose expertise can help them attain their goals.
  • Added benefit of Recording the Lessons: While students always have the option to record their in-person lessons, it rarely happens. But students can easily record Skype lessons for review at a later time with digital recorders or free apps that plug into Skype during a video call.
  • Immediate Practicing: Long-distance students can practice immediately after the lesson when ideas are fresh and when energy levels are still high.
  • Warming Up: Students can warm up on their instrument and review their assignment right before their lesson, and have the advantage of playing their own instrument during the Skype lesson.
  • Increased student performance: Research studies have found that people tend to be very focused when interacting via webcam with minimal off-task distracting behavior during the lesson.
Click THIS LINK to visit Andy Wasserman's PIANO LESSON CITY website dedicated exclusively to his online music lessons!

Visit Andy Wasserman's listing on the international MUSIC TEACHERS DIRECTORY website.

A recent testimony from an adult study who takes weekly real-time online private lessons:  Andy: I want to thank you for the time we’ve spent together at the piano during our weekly online Skype video chat calls. I’ve enjoyed listening to the audio I record to document our weekly lessons while driving my car each day. You’re really a gifted teacher and although I’m one of your new students, you have already given me a sense of calm, confidence and excitement when playing the piano and/or composing. I’m very thankful to have been exposed to both you and George Russell’s “Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization.”