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    Andy Wasserman began playing the piano at age 3 and started formal lessons at 7 with teachers trained in the innovative Robert Pace method. He studied Jazz at the Metropolitan Music School in New York City with Anne Bacon Dodge and went on to develop a very deep 30-year relationship with his mentor, Jazz piano virtuoso Dwike Mitchell. Mitchell talks about his relationship with Andy in the "New York" chapter of the book about the Mitchell-Ruff Duo by William Zinsser entitled "Mitchell and Ruff."

    Andy earned his degree from the New England Conservatory of Music in Jazz Studies and Composition under the mentorship of Jazz master George Russell. He studied classical piano privately with Ms. Jeannette Giguere, a renowned NEC faculty member. (photo on left: Andy's hands on the Steinway)

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PianoConcertHallMOwebThe piano is Andy Wasserman's main instrument and the heart of his life's work in music. It is a perfect vehicle for the totality of his creative artistic expression. 

His solo piano style fuses spontaneity, expressive nuance and subtlety, harmonic intimacy, rhythmic intricacy, and an eloquent spectrum of polished dynamic gradation.


Andy Wasserman began exploring piano at age 3, and started lessons at 7 in the innovative Robert Pace multi-key method. He studied Jazz at the Metropolitan Music School (18 W. 74 St., Manhattan) with Anne Bacon Dodge from elementary through high school, moving on to develop a life-changing 30-year relationship with Jazz piano virtuoso Dwike Mitchell. Mitchell discusses mentoring Andy in the "New York" chapter of his biography written by William Zinsser entitled "Mitchell and Ruff." (photo: Maestro Dwike Mitchell and AW)

Scroll down to the bottom of this page to hear some solo piano masterpieces of Dwike Mitchell.


Andy earned his degree from New England Conservatory as a protege of Jazz composer George Russell, and received classical piano training under Ms. Jeannette Giguere.

Wasserman developed his signature sound, combining an expressive piano touch with an impressive technique. His performances merge his original compositions along with original arrangements and unique interpretations of the Jazz, Hollywood and Broadway "American Songbook" legacy. He is well versed in modern and traditional Chicago & Kansas City Blues and Boogie Woogie piano styles, 'new age', traditional standards and pop repertoires. His rhythmic invention and elegant harmonies stand as a living tribute to the tradition of fine music, past and present. Wasserman is a highly respected and experienced performing musician, popular throughout the United States since 1971.


In addition to his experience in a wide variety of ensemble settings, he has established himself as one of New York City's premier solo piano and electronic keyboard stylists. Wasserman was under contract with the American Federation of Musicians Local 802 from 1987 through 1996 for an uninterrupted nine-year solo piano engagement, performing every weekend on the Steinway grand in the Ambassador Room of the United Nations Plaza Hotel across from the United Nations in New York City. He has been a regular pianist at other fine New York City establishments that include the Grand Hyatt Hotel at Grand Central Station, The River Cafe at the Brooklyn Bridge, Dish of Salt at Rockefeller Center and Manhattan's Hotel Intercontinental, among many others.

 As of 2017, Andy Wasserman continues to perform in club and concert settings, at festivals, special events and private parties.


He is also a highly experienced and in-demand instructor of piano for beginniners, intermediate and advanced students in all styles. Click THIS LINK if you would like to learn more about taking piano lessons in person with Andy Wasserman, and visit his PIANO LESSON CITY website for in-depth information on his customized online music lesson courses (internet distance learning) via video chat, phone and email.



AWlogo2webAndy was nourished and nurtured with an enduring foundation in the American Songbook treasures of show tunes and standards through his parents Arnie and Marilyn Wasserman.

Their Upper West Side Manhattan apartment life was invigorated by aesthetic sophistication and an unwavering reverence for all artistic disciplines, especially the deep love and devotion to great music. Eating supper together around the dining room table was a happy family time spent listening to and joyously singing along with the best of Broadway musical soundtrack records spinning on the turntable.

From the 1950s through the 1970s, Arnie and Marilyn afforded their son nonstop opportunities to attend Broadway shows live on stage and experience a myriad of classical, jazz and world music concerts along with frequent visits to Manhattan's landmark museums and public cultural events. This inspirational upbringing was monumental in fostering Wasserman's cultural awareness as he matured into the artist he is today, for which he remains eternally grateful.


To achieve the most realistic, dynamically sensitive and satisfyingly musical emulation of a true Steinway grand piano sound, Andy Wasserman provides his own setup for any indoor or outdoor location. He utilizes a highly expressive 88-key professional digital piano, which is pre-amped into two Valvotronics D19 Tube Instrument DI boxes and then routed through Line6 StageSource, Roland Keyboard Stereo and Traynor sub-woofer amplified speaker systems. The entire configuration is interconnected with audiophile-grade custom designed and USA manufactured cables, including Evidence Audio's "Lyric," Colossal Cable's "Sweet Fat," Telefunken's  "Elektroakustik" and Sound Connection's CCC/II "VampireWire."

You've got to hear it to believe it !!!


Bosendorfer Pianos Simon Oss Jazz Pianist Andy Wasserman November, 2012:AndyStandingAtPiano  Andy shared a full day of playing the finest new Bosendorfer specialty legacy grand pianos with Simon Oss, International Sales Director of Bosendorfer Pianos.

PHOTO ON LEFT: Wasserman discussing the phenomenal Vienna model nine-foot concert grand piano with Mr. Oss during his visit to Philadelphia from Bosendorfer Company headquarters in Austria.

You can view the solo piano concert that Wasserman was invited to present in recital for Mr. Oss and 100 other special guests during the "Evening in Vienna" program ON THE HOME PAGE. Andy improvised his "Sound of Music" medley on a new Bosendorfer Conservatory Series Model 200 CS grand piano.



a master of divinely inspired piano virtuoso elegance

To the visitors of this website who are not familiar with Andy's life-long piano mentor, Dwike Mitchell - best known as one-half of the Mitchell-Ruff Duo - here are four tracks of Mitchell's masterfully artistic solo piano improvised interpretations of American Songbook standards for you to enjoy, edited from the broadcast archive of his appearance on National Public Radio's Marian McPartland's Piano Jazz program.











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