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TMSMembossLOGOAndy Wasserman is the founder and president of TransMedia Sound & Music, which began operation in 1991 and is registered in the State of New Jersey for it's trade name and business operation.

It functions as a platform for his wide range of creative talents and artistic expertise in the field of video, music and audio production for online media content development services.

TransMedia Sound & Music is also an independent record label that allows Andy to have complete control and ownership of his recordings.


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A professional digital video, audio and music facility offering the unique blend of services designed to deliver finished projects for educational and cultural institutions, advertising agencies, radio and television stations, website developers, corporate communications, as well as independent record producers and artists.

Andy Wasserman achieves flexible cost-effective project solutions by integrating his decades of experience as a professional musical artist, music educator and online content creator.

All original content is created entirely in-house by Andy Wasserman, tailor-made to the needs, budget and specifications of each client.


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 The Indie Record Label

BeadSongsOneSheetSMALLThe independent record label division of Andy's company TransMedia Sound and Music was created in 2006 to function in two ways:

Enabling him to have complete control over the ownership of the recordings, the creative and artistic aspects of his work and to determine the most beneficial means of production and distribution.

Acting as a vehicle for his vision of using recorded music in a charitable way by allowing proceeds of music releases of indigenous music from around the world to create philanthropic funds to be made available to help people of those cultures who are in need.

Image on right: Bead Songs One Sheet. Click HERE to view the PDF file version.

Current TransMedia Sound & Music record label productions

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10 new albums of Andy Wasserman's solo piano artistry released between 2018 and 2020:

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