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    "Music is a voice for Unity among all the people"

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    TransMedia Sound & Music was created by Andy Wasserman in 1991 to fulfill the need for both a production company and independent record label.

    Some past clients include AT&T, Time-Life Music, Mastercard, QVC, Digital Cable Radio, Virtual Entertainment, Panasonic, IBM, Atlantic Mutual Insurance, Prentice-Hall, New York Communications, Prime Productions and The Mayo Clinic.

    Production Company & Record Label

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TransMedia Sound & Music

TMSMembossLOGOWasserman is the founder and president of TransMedia Sound & Music, which began operation in 1987 and is registered in the State of New Jersey for it's trade name and business operation. It functions as two separate business ventures:

A production company that facilitates his wide range of production activities, from in-house scores and digital editing & mastering to multimedia content development.

It is also an independent record label that not only allows Andy to have complete control over the ownership of the recordings, but also contains a division where music releases of indigenous music from around the world creates philanthropic fund raising to help people of those cultures who are in need. Addtionally, a few independent artists are signed to record and release their work on this label.


A state-of-the-art digital audio and music facility offering the unique blend of professional services designed specifically to benefit and support projects for advertising agencies, radio and television stations, multimedia developers, corporate communications, as well as independent record producers and artists.

Andy Wasserman achieves flexible cost-effective project solutions by integrating his configuration of PC and Macintosh-based digital audio workstations and analog audio with electronic/acoustic instrumentation.

Original soundtracks are created based on client specifications, spanning a broad spectrum of musical styles and cultural idioms. Complete instrumental scores, voiceovers, sound effects and recording for radio & TV are edited, mixed, synchronized and produced entirely in-house.

The company was stablished in 1987 and then registered as a business name in the State of New Jersey in 1991.



  • Custom soundtracks: music, audio & MIDI for all digital media
  • Audio Pre/Post Production; Music for Radio, TV, Film, Multimedia
  • Digital Editing and Analog Recording
  • MIDI Instrumentation Network with Full SMPTE Synchronization
  • Pro Tools multi-track Recording; Mastering for CD and Cassette
  • Sound Design and Custom Editing of Sound Effects
  • Huge Sound EFX Collection, Sound Libraries for Samplers & Synths
  • Sound design and custom editing of sound effects
  • Recording Studio Engineering: On-Site and Remote Location
  • Ethnic Instruments: World Music from Asia, Africa, S. America, Middle East
  • Mastering for CD and Digital Media




  • ABC-TV
  • CBS-TV
  • Lifetime Network
  • History Channel
  • AT&T
  • New York Communications
  • IBM
  • Panasonic
  • Mastercard
  • Prentice-Hall
  • Mayo Clinic
  • Castrol Motor Oil
  • Digital Cable Radio
  • Sanofi-Winthrop Pharmaceuticals
  • QVC Network
  • Atlantic Mutual Insurance
  • Virtual Entertainment
  • Opcode Systems
  • High Harmony Records
  • Philidelphia Music Works
  • TRF Pyramid Production Music Library
  • Time-Life Music
  • Emu Systems
  • Dennis Scott Act IV (Nashville) Productions

The Indie Record Label

TMSMcolorlogoMOwebBeadSongsOneSheetSMALLThe independent record label division of Andy's company TransMedia Sound and Music was created in 2006 to function in two ways:

Enabling him to have complete control over the ownership of the recordings, the creative and artistic aspects of his work and to determine the most beneficial means of production and distribution.

Acting as a vehicle for his vision of using recorded music in a charitable way by allowing proceeds of music releases of indigenous music from around the world to create philanthropic funds to be made available to help people of those cultures who are in need.

Image on right: Bead Songs One Sheet. Click HERE to view the PDF file version.