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    Andy has had 9 CDs released on different record labels as leader or co-leader. Dozens of his original compositions, arrangements, piano and multi-instrumental recordings have appeared in soundtracks for TV, radio and film on major networks and cable stations, in both American and international broadcast markets.

    Andy was also an active studio musician on the New York City scene since the 1980s, appearing as an instrumentalist on numerous projects and recordings with his piano artistry and unique collection of wind, string and percussion instruments from around the world.

    Studio Musician & Producer

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This page contains a multitude of tracks from many of the recordings that have been released over the last 15 years by Andy Wasserman. All tracks feature Andy as composer, arranger, pianist and multi-instrumental performer. Keep scrolling down this page for transcriptions and more recordings.

For starters, here are the most recent album releases of Andy's original music for solo piano, currently available for digital download by track, album or complete discography on BANDCAMP:

Kindred Spirits

Artist: Andy Wasserman
Label: High Harmony Records
Producer: Tommy West
Recorded at: Somewhere In New Jersey Studio, Pottersville, NJ
Recording Engineer: Tommy West and Andy Wasserman
Mixing Engineer: Tommy West and Andy Wasserman
Mastering Engineer: Andy Wasserman at TransMedia Sound & Music
Piano: Mason & Hamlin "BB" grand piano (size: 6' 11.5")
Piano Technician: Damon Falzone

A solo effort featuring Andy's original compositions are arranged, performed and recorded by him. He plays a beautiful Mason & Hamlin BB grand piano, keyboards, World Percussion instruments and Plains Indian flute on this CD.

kindredspirits 350


Solo Piano Volume One

Artist: Andy Wasserman
Label: Pyramid Music Library
Producer: Andy Mark, BRG Music
Recorded at: Tullen Sound Recording, Morristown, NJ
Recording Engineer: Skip Tullen
Mastering Engineer: Andy Mark at BRG Music, Norristown, PA 

A solo effort featuring Andy's original compositions and arrangements of themes for TV, film, radio and video. He performs on a vintage Steinway grand piano. Selections from this CD have been used in Primetime TV shows both nationally and internationally by networks that include ABC, NBC, CBS, Lifetime, A & E Network, and The History Channel, among many others.

Pyramid Solo Piano Volume I


Universal Beat

Artist: Junglewire (Wasserman and DeCiutiis)
Label: Alternate Mode
Producer: Junglewire
Recorded at: Shaker Road Studios, Chicopee, Massachusettes
Recording Engineer: Wasserman and DeCiutiis
Mixing Engineer: Wasserman and DeCiutiis
Mastering Engineer: William Stahmann at Nutcracker Mastering, Las Cruces, New Mexico 

These original compositions are recorded live without sequencing using 100% electronic instrumentation. Each track tells a story through an eclectic mix of cross-cultural influences and worldbeat soundscapes.

UnivBeatcdCover 350


Bead Songs

Artist: Andy Wasserman
Label: TransMedia Sound and Music
Producer: Andy Wasserman
Recorded at: The Barbershop Studios, Lake Hopatcong, NJ
Recording Engineer: Mike Ferretti
Mixing Engineer: Mike Ferretti and Andy Wasserman
Mastering Engineer: Billy Stull at Masterpiece Mastering, South Padre Island, Texas
Piano: Steinway 1924 "M" grand piano ( size: 5'  7" )
Piano Technician: Damon Falzone

An acoustic instrumental collection of original compositions for the Native American flute, featuring solo and ensemble arrangements in both traditional and contemporary styles. All instruments performed by Andy Wasserman.

 beadsongs 350


Solo Piano Volume Two

Artist: Andy Wasserman
Label: TWI North America
Producer: Andy Mark, BRG Music
Recorded at: Clinton Studios, New York City
Recording Engineer: Ed Rak
Mastering Engineer: Andy Mark at BRG Music, Norristown, PA 

Wasserman's second in a series of his original compositions for solo piano. He is heard playing a Steinway "D" Concert Grand Piano in the spacious Studio A at Clinton Recording Studio in Manhattan. This piano has some heavy history; it is the classic vintage instrument from the original CBS 30th Street Studio which was used on many landmark recordings including Miles Davis’s "Kind of Blue" and on Glenn Gould’s "Goldberg Variations."

Solo Piano Themes Volume II