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Here's some exciting news I am happy to share with my friends, students, followers on my Bandcamp page, my YouTube channel subscribers and viewers, my live stream concert audience members and all the many visitors to this official website from around the world: I'm working diligently to prepare the launch of a series of weekly podcasts on the Buzzsprout platform.

These podcasts will allow the listener to access, stream and download any and all episodes on my own Buzzsprout podcast home page as well as here on this page.

These programs will be distributed and listed in the music category on all these major podcast broadcast services:

  1. Apple podcasts
  2. Spotify podcasts
  3. Google podcasts
  4. Pandora podcasts
  5. Deezer podcasts
  6. Stitcher
  7. iHeart Radio
  8. Amazon Alexa Tune-In
  9. Podchaser
  10. Castro
  11. Castbox
  12. Overcast
  13. Pocket Cast,and more!

The premier series will be all and everything about the piano, the center and heart of my life's work as a full-time professional performer, recording artist and educator.

It will be called "Solo Piano Artistry - Andy Wasserman" and will feature Contemporary, Modern, Jazz and Blues genres of all original music, composed, arranged, performed, recorded and produced by me through my production company TransMedia Sound and Music.

This is the cover art for this upcoming "Solo Piano Artistry" podcast series

Andy Wasserman Podcast Solo Piano Artistry

The master plan is for each weekly episode will include selections from my current album releases on Bandcamp that will showcase the different themes and genres I've been exploring, with explanations and stories about how these original solo piano pieces are created from my view as a musical artist.

Musical tips and comments about piano playing will enhance the podcast listeners musical appreciation.

Over time I will be adding more programming to my Buzzsprout podcast offerings in the future based on the arts-in-education "worldbeat" side of my life's work in music as well as George Russell's theory of tonal gravity. Here's what is on the table as of now:

Exploring secrets within hidden meanings of multicultural stories through the universal power of music from around the world. Discover connections as to how different cultures communicate by weaving together the four elements of rhythm, melody, harmony and form in the ancient language we call music. The aim of this podcast is to allow listeners to feel a sense of oneness with themes of unity, cultural tolerance and global understanding.

A program about rhythm! The focus of this podcast will be percussion instruments and my teaching method of a living language of rhythmic study entitled "Beats-Speak" - the timekeepers code. For the drummer inside everyone. We will explore the heartbeat of rhythm through a wide variety of stylistic genres, rhythmic traditions and drums galore. The intention is for this podcast series to be extremely fun, entertaining and informative.

A podcast for those who want to learn more about the essence of George Russell's life work, it will aim to clarify and help explain the fundamental precepts set forth by Maestro Russell's Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization (LCC or LCCOTO) for anyone - musicians or non-musicians alike - who would like to learn more about what the music itself is telling us about it's own self-organized unity. "The Concept" gives us the opportunity to connect with an open-ended, pan-stylistic foundation in which levels of tonal gravity act as prime, integral moving forces within music.

This podcast continues my dedicated committment to sustain the integrity, authenticity and purity of George Russell's life's work by dedicating the transmission of its invaluable innovation explicitly as Russell intended it to be shared - thereby respecting and honoring his monumental legacy for future generations.

I will bring all I've learned to this new podcast as someone who has been giving private lessons in the LCCOTO since 1982 when I was granted certification as a LCC instructor directly by George Russell as well as the enriching and humbling experience I received as his editorial assistant from 1980 until the Maestro's passing in 2009.

I would love to hear from you with any suggestions, or requests for podcast episode topices. Feel free to CONTACT ME. I would love to get your valuable input and participation in making these podcasts meaningful, appealing, exciting and fun for everyone.


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