Holistic Music Healing
"It's the music inside us that hears the music."

Beautiful music can modify emotions, purify the soul, and bring enjoyment. But did you know that in ancient times, music was created to heal illness? This point can be traced back to the creation of the Chinese characters because the word for medicine (yao) comes from the word for music (yue).

Andy Wasserman has been researching, exploring and utilizing many therapeutic and healing modalities of music since 1974.

MusicMedSthScpMOFrom the outset of his personal quest for the universal sound beginning at a young age, Andy Wasserman has continually explored and developed a deep connection with the reality of music as an instrument of healing. Ancient music, whether from Africa, China, the Middle East or India, was used for medicinal purposes and as a language for communication and storytelling. It was designed to preserve time-capsules of human history, wisdom and knowledge. As a musician who strives to walk his talk, Andy's life work in holistic music healing has been - more than anything else - the purifying force, guiding his inner evolution on a path that integrates artistic expression with health and balance through self-realized service to humanity.

Wasserman is of the firm conviction that music is a gift, given by the Creator to humankind in order to make us better listeners. It is always calling us to listen both outwardly and inwardly to the meaningful things in life, such as listening to our hearts, to the variety of sounds in nature, to each other in conversation, to our bodies, etc. Perhaps the most compelling attribute to listen to is the silence. Click THIS LINK to read a beautiful story of how valuable it can be.

It is the music in us that hears the music. Therefore, the ultimate purpose of music is to speak as a voice for unity. This is how Andy defines the holistic approach to music as a restorative tonic which can touch physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels within everyone.

Wasserman uses music as a therapeutic modality in private individual sessions for music students with special needs, in participatory workshops and performances at sites and institutions for special needs populations of all types, and in team building world music experiences for groups, companies and organizations that wish to use music to help them improve their communication and creativity.

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Professional Experience

In 1981, Andy Wasserman received a commendation for his individualized approach to the therapeutic applications of sound and music by the American Association of Artist-Therapists organization. This certificate was awarded as an acknowledgement of his previous seven years of field work in which Wasserman explored the use of his collection of ethnic instruments from around the world in healing modalities for a wide variety of special needs populations throughout the United States.

He was employed full-time as a music therapist for 2 years at The House of the Holy Comforter (an assisted care facility and hospice for infirm senior citizens) located in the Bronx, New York. Wasserman was honored by the New York State Council of Elderly Affairs in response to a documentary film about his work that focused on his innovative methods with the residents at The Holy Comforter.

He continues to faithfully provide these services, working as an independent consultant in hospitals, senior centers, schools for special needs children, halfway houses and psychological treatment facilities throughout the Northeast.

Andy has worked with individuals and groups of all ages and developmental levels, including:

  • developmentally and neurologically impaired
  • the elderly, seniors with memory loss, hospice
  • emotionally disturbed
  • children with autism and Aspergers syndrome
  • children and adults with down syndrome
  • learning disabled
  • students with ADHD
  • visually and hearing impaired

Additionally, Andy Waserman was enrolled as a full-time student in the Master's program for Music Therapy at New York University in 1984. He has conducted holistic music healing performances and workshops at the Kushi Institute (Brookline, MA), schools and hospitals in the greater Boston area, New York and Stamford, Very Special Arts Festivals, The Hospital Audiences Agency of New York City, Jumpstart (New Jersey) and locations across the United States.

He was employed as a training consultant at Young Audiences and Festival of Music arts-in-education agencies, assisting the administrative staff in coaching their roster of teachers and performers in developing effective techniques geared to special needs students, grades K - 12.

 Workshops and Seminars

AWheadshotNativeWEBThe concept of holistic healing through music is a venerable, universally accepted ideology. Andy Wasserman creates an atmosphere of comfortability and ease that allows people to relax and get engaged in music making, whether or not they have any prior experience in music. His workshops are infused with a tonal ambience that enriches the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels of each participant.

He offers a wide range of program possibilities, based upon what a group, organization or meeting is looking to achieve and integrate into their event. Very often Andy is called upon for celebrations marking the calendar such as the equinox and solstice times. He provides music for conferences and meetings where music acts as a bridge to bring people together, open new avenues of communication and group consciousness, allowing each person to freely explore an individual sense of self-expression. He also presents training seminars for recreational therapists, helping them to incorporate more music making in their activities programs.

The "healing feeling" transmitted during Wasserman's workshops comes alive with the use of his extensive ethnic instrument collection from around the world. (Learn more about his collection at THIS LINK.) These authentic wind, string and percussion instruments resonate with a soothing, grounded connection to the Earth. They offer a direct link to ancient cultures, whose traditional music elicits energy that is enjoyed by being present in each moment. Wasserman's work is living proof that the wonderous act of playing music together is everyone's birthright.

Wasserman's music calms the nerves and encourages positive mentalism, allowing people to come close in touch with their thoughts and feelings while listening and participating. Music making is one of the healthiest outlets for self-expression, balance, creativity and joy - key ingredients in the development of social and emotional learning.

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Andy Wasserman Group and Team Building programs tailored for these events:

* Conference Opening or Closing Event
* Corporate Away Days
* Ice Breakers and Parties
* Product Launches
* Teambuilding training and communication skill development
* Motivational Meetings
* Leadership Meetings
* Business or Group Conferences
* Community Building within Organizations
* Staff Fun Day: Indoor or Outdoor
* Corporate Parties
* Stress Relief Activity
* International Theme Events
* Participatory Concerts

Andy Wasserman’s "Music: The Voice of Unity" events get people working in perfect harmony by communicating with rhythm!

Wake your staff, team or group up with one of the most impacting and energizing drumming sessions that you've ever had! Within seconds everyone will be learning the basic skills needed to build your very own powerful percussion Jam Band - ready for the finale at the end of the session.

Your staff is guided along an inspirational journey, with improved communication games that showing how individual input is so important to the overall goal of working together. In no time your team will be more relaxed, exhilarated and playing cohesively together, reacting and communicating as one unit.

Andy Wasserman’s "Music: The Voice of Unity" participatory music events are guaranteed to help people enjoy and express their own innate ability to create positive and powerful internal and external rhythms and patterns. Everyone joins in with ease, exploring world music as the Universal language. Time-tested rhythmic patterns and games empower and revitalize everyone involved, helping to focus and inspire their personal, professional and community lives.

Previous experience of music or drumming is not a requirement; everyone can join in irrespective of their background. Corporate drumming and music making is a platform that can strike a universal chord with employees of all ages, gender and positions.

Andy Wasserman shares his personal collection of instruments from around the globe with you, representing West African, Asian, South American, Middle Eastern and Native American music cultures. His authentic, traditional and ethnic 140 wind, string and percussion instruments are brought to each location, allowing participants to get an exciting and once-in-a-lifetime hands-on experience. He performs, teaches, and facilitates non-stop participation by letting everyone play his instruments.


Private Sessions

GongMOwebAndy Wasserman works with people in music sessions as well as private lessons as part of his holistic music healing experience.

Listening to beautiful sounds and being open to creating musical beauty can modify one's emotions, purify the soul, and bring very deep, satisfying levels of enjoyment. But did you know that in ancient times, music was played to heal illness? This point can be traced back ancient China. As seen here, the "characters" for medicine (yao) comes from the character for music (yue).

Andy Wasserman has been researching, exploring and utilizing many therapeutic and healing modalities of music since 1974. He has found that it is everyone's birthright to participate in the artistic expression of playing music.

In his private lessons with people of all ages and any type of special needs "disability," Wasserman finds ways to unlock the music inside each student. It is that inner music that hears and can ultimately play the musical instrument.

Most students with special needs begin on percussion instruments and move on to the piano or the instrument of their choice.

Private music sessions are usually scheduled on a single appointment basis with the option for repeat visits. They are open to anyone who feels that a one-on-one music session using any wind, string or percussion instrument of their choice can assist them in as part of a holistic therapy regimen.

Music lessons are set up on a weekly basis, yet geared to students who not work best with a "regular" music teacher. As part of his weekly schedule of teaching instrumental music to private students, Andy sees some children, teens and adults on a regular basis where playing music and learning an instrument is an integrated part of their overall therapeutic regimen.

Children, teens and adults with a wide range of special needs gain a great sense of accomplishment, growth and healing from private music sessions.

Visit Andy Wasserman's listing on the international MUSIC TEACHERS DIRECTORY website.

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