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His extremely popular programs have been presented in thousands of schools teaching students and faculty since 1979. Andy’s pre-K through 12th grade assembly concert performances, teacher-training seminars, hands-on workshops and artist-in-residence productions have been sponsored by leading arts agencies including Young Audiences, Festival of Music, Hospital Audiences, Culture Corner, Jumpstart, BOCES, and Morris Arts.

Professional musician, ethnomusicologist and educator Andy Wasserman introduces students to the secrets that unlock the key to the universal language of music. These connections are experienced in a highly interactive setting by demonstrating dozens of musical instruments while weaving vibrant tapestries of sound with rhythm, melody, harmony, texture and form.

ArtsInEdPatrickPosterWEBAs of 2020, Andy Wasserman celebrates 41 years as a professional presenter of his original, one-man series of arts-in-education programs. His extremely popular programs have been presented in thousands of schools involving students and faculty since 1979.

Wasserman’s pre-K through 12th grade assembly concert performances, teacher-training seminars, hands-on workshops and artist-in-residence productions have been sponsored by premier booking agencies and arts non-profits that include Young Audiences, Festival of Music, Hospital Audiences, Culture Corner, Jumpstart, BOCES, the Dodge Foundation and Morris Arts.

His three original productions are entitled "Making Music From Around The World," "Music: The Voice Of Unity," and "Instruments: Ancient To Future." Click THIS LINK to learn more about these programs and his instrument collections in greater detail.


Information about programs for students with special needs and disabilities can be found AT THIS LINK.

His programs are tailored to meet the needs and curriculum of any educational setting. Study guide booklets are provided for preparation and follow-up. Also available are vibrant, dynamic presentation options for libraries, museums, festivals, family events and corporate team building.

Additionally, Andy offers an enlightening "Music For Dancers" seminar designed for Dance Departments.


Wasserman designs his programs to amplify and augment every school's educational standards. His time-tested teaching techniques address individual grade levels from K through 12 in a comfortable, age-appropriate and accessible manner.

Here is a list of the subjects incorporated into his arts-in-ed programs:


  • The Listening Experience: development of exceptional listening skills
  • Character development, Social-emotional intelligence and confidence building
  • Anti-bias and diversity awareness
  • Establishing a strong connection to qualities of dignity, human decency, self-respect and positive mentalism
  • Cooperation within a group
  • Mainstreaming, inclusion and acceptance of Special Needs students with disabilities
  • Communication skills and public speaking
  • Anti-stress: learning through fun experiences, laughter and joy



  • World cultures and social studies
  • Global studies and geography
  • U.S.A. and world history
  • Native American history and culture
  • Interdisciplinary study of diversity and multiculturalism





  • Mathematics in music
  • Science of acoustics
  • Technology component: hardware and software tools, media content creation for the internet and mobile devices
  • Language Arts: reading and writing
  • Earth science and environmental studies
  • History of music as an ancient form of holistic medicine




  • Storytelling and Linguistics
  • Poetry
  • Dance and movement
  • Comedy
  • Fine Arts: drawing, painting, musical instrument building
  • Anthropology and Philosophy
  • Gifted and Talented arts program enrichment
  • Recording Studio, Songwriting, Film Scoring and Music Production techniques


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Andy Wasserman is in compliance with the following legal and insurance requirements:

  1. Meets USA standards for health and safety in public places and on school grounds.
  2. Full background check and security clearance approved by government law enforcement.
  3. Comprehensive performer's liability insurance coverage in effect nationwide. ('Proof of insurance' Certificate for each booking is available upon request.)
  4. Musical instrument and sound equipment insurance coverage for loss and/or damage in effect for any site within North America.

A recent feedback evaluation form posted on the Board of Cooperative Educational Services website reviewing Andy Wasserman's concert and workshops:

AWartsInedFullWEBArtistic Quality of Presentation
Andy Wasserman's program is quite unique. The performance is well balanced in terms of the educational and entertainment components. He demonstrated skill and dedication to his art; repertoire was appropriate and well-chosen for students' age and interest levels; art form was presented in an enjoyable, artistic manner.

Artist's Interaction with Students
Wasserman (a/k/a the "Artist") effectively engaged students in the program; artist listened to student comments/questions and responded appropriately.

Educational Quality of Presentation
Artist helped students to understand this art form and the creative process; artist demonstrated relationships between art form and other curriculum areas; artist helped children to see/hear with greater discrimination; artist used vocabulary terms that were within the grasp of students.

Student Response to Presentation
Artist engaged students' interest and attention; applause and laughter was genuine and enthusiatic; restlessness was minimal; when invited to participate, students were eager; questions to artist indicated that students understood the presentation.

Quality of Presentation
Speaker could be easily heard; performer could be seen; lighting, props and sound effects were effective; costumes were imaginative, colorful and appropriate; elements of surprise and humor were included in presentation; program was well-paced; program began and ended on time.

Study Guides/Support Materials
Yes, they were provided to school staff by the Andy Wasserman.



Program Name: “Music: The Voice of Unity” - [view the newsletter in it's entirety at THIS LINK]

Written and submitted by the Half Hollow Hills (Long Island, NY) District Arts-in-Education Committee

In January 2014, students at Otsego Elementary School (Half Hollow Hills) participated in “Music: The Voice of Unity.” This highly interactive music residency program, led by presenter Andy Wasserman, exposed the students to different cultures around the world through the universal language of music. During his engaging presentation, Mr. Wasserman took the students on a voyage, using music as the means of travel. He demonstrated over 60 wind, string and percussion instruments, made of 15 natural materials, from around the world. The students heard a vibrant tapestry of the traditional sounds – melodies, rhythms, harmonies, textures and forms – of Asian, West African, South American, Middle Eastern and Native American Indian cultures. The entertaining, non-stop lively interaction provided a wealth of information and highlighted the similarities and differences between the various cultures.

We are looking forward to Mr. Wasserman’s visit next year, when he will present “Instruments: Ancient to Future.” The program looks at the connections between traditional acoustic performance and electronic musical performance, using state-of-the-art digital music technology. It was a pleasure to work with Andy Wasserman, who is celebrating his 35th year as a professional presenter of his original, one-man series of arts-in-education programs.

We highly recommend “Music: The Voice of Unity."

CLICK THIS LINK TO VIEW a four page newspaper article PDF document: an in-depth review of an Andy Wasserman arts-in-ed residency conducted in a Montclair, N.J. elementary school, with interviews, photos, commentary and student work

CLICK THIS LINK TO VIEW a four minute video essay of Andy Wasserman's 2016 Artist Residency Program MUSIC THE VOICE OF UNITY presented in New Jersey through MORRIS ARTS


JembeRebirthWEBDear Mr. Wasserman: I am writing this letter as a recommendation of your outstanding skills as a musician, educator, and communicator regarding your full week of work with all the students at our Elementary School as an artist in residence with your program “Music: The Voice of Unity”. The week turned out to be a fantastic experience for all parties involved. This would include the PTA, students, administration, and myself. I had the pleasure of working with you and assisting you when needed. Ultimately, the students benefited the most from interacting with you.

As a first class musician, you were extremely knowledgeable about all the instruments you brought to Sunquam. You were also terrific at performing on them. The students were very excited to play the myriad of instruments from around the world that you showcased. Your instrument collection is authentic and diverse.

As an educator you really knew how to communicate your knowledge to the children. Your management skills were first rate. The classes ran smoothly and all students were actively engaged. Every child performed on an instrument. The children were able to learn how to play various rhythm patterns from different cultures and perform them together with other rhythm patterns. This idea of layering requires the students to listen to each other. The idea of learning how to listen was an underlying goal of the whole week and so important in today’s society.

I also wanted to note that your presentation on instruments from the Middle East was terrific and relevant. This is one culture that students might not be familiar with. You were able to relate to the students how the instrumentation and music is similar throughout the region even though there is conflict there. I myself learned much from it.

As a communicator, you interacted wonderfully with all the students from kindergarten to fifth grade. Your explanations and questioning techniques were that of an experienced educator, making every student feel important. Your personality made the week fun for all, developed a nice rapport with all the students, and it was an experience that all of us here will never forget. I highly recommend you to any school needing a professional artist. I hope to work with you again in the future.

Very Sincerely Yours - Mr. Larry Jannotta, Music Teacher at Sunquam Elementary School in Dix Hills, New York

AFbannerSMweb"You were magnificent today with our Middle School students and staff. No matter how many times I watch you in action, I'm moved by the non-stop student participation, your empathy and your ability to connect with your audience. Your preparation and follow-up Study Guides made it especially easy for our staff. We look forward to having you back again and again in the years to come. BRAVO !!!"

"You did a great job involving ALL our students this past year in our school district with your assembly concerts and workshops on technology and world cultures. They are very inspired when they hear you speak and see what practice and dedication to excellence can lead to. It is amazing to see how your interdisciplinary approach ties together such varied subjects and content into a coherent unity through music."

"Thank you again for a wonderful performance at our school. The children had a wonderful time and I got some great feedback from all the staff. I also wanted to let you know that our Enrichment teacher was so pleased with the Seminars that you did for the 2-5 grade students. Everyone had a great time and we will definitely invite you back next year. Receiving a CD that you recorded right here at our school of our student's jamming with you was a great touch. Thanks again for everything."

"Thanks for your endless generosity of spirit and supreme efforts in tailoring and connecting your content to reinforce our current High School curriculum. The teachers are thrilled that the resonance of your residency will keep our students engaged for the remainder of the year."

"I just wanted to let you all know how happy I am that we can continue to bring programs like yours into our school to enrich our students. When I hear all the feedback from our student's overwhelmingly positive reactions and our teachers' praise of your programs, it proves how much it is so worthwhile. The greatest testiment to the success of your work is that fact that students keep talking about you, even in the years following your visit to our school."

"Having Mr. Wasserman at our school was an experience that will stay with our students or the rest of their lives. Moreover, he has raised the expectations among students, parents and staff for all future next artist-in-residence project."

"Wasserman's performance, staff development workshops and grade-appropriate residencies are well-balanced in terms of the educational and entertainment components."

"You are pure magic. You have such a gift for communicating, especially, with little ones. If you worked full-time in a school for young children, that school would produce a crop of rare, peaceful, wise young graduates."

"What a fabulous and gentle man to work with our students. I hope that you will be able to return for more programs in the very near future."

"I would like to deeply thank the Educational Foundation for giving us this opportunity for the third year in a row to have a two-week artist-in-residence program entitled "MUSIC: The Voice of Unity" with Mr. Andy Wasserman. He is truly a gifted, talented musician and teacher. All our fourth grade teachers feel that our students are quite lucky to have him here. If possible, we would love to have him back next year in 2017 because his talents and his presentation fit wonderfully into our December curriculum. Thank you for all that you do!!"

Three benchmarks for superlative educational interaction presented by the arts-in-education musician

Andy Wasserman sets a vibrant tone for an arts-in-education environment in which students and staff connect with the totality and wholeness of life lessons:

Andy Wasserman Teaching Jembe Workshop WEB1.  Through exploration and discovery in his music making programs, students are given an opportunity to express themselves as thinking, feeling musicians and develop their human qualities and imaginations through speaking, singing, playing, engaging as a group and being creative.

2.  Through the development of fine motor skills, systematic thinking and personal expression, students learn basic instrumental technique in age-appropriate repertoire and curriculum content.

3.  Workshops and residencies offer an expansive set of compositional activities, whereby students gain a deeper understanding of connections between music and interdisciplinary studies which develop a global perspective of music.

Students often submit poems and comments when asked to reflect and write something about their school's participatory experience in Wasserman's artist-in-residence program Music: The Voice of Unity. Here are some samples of their feedback:

Dear Mr. Wasserman: You have shown our 6th Grade a whole new world of music. So here is something from me to you. You have shared some poetry with us; I will share it back with this poem I wrote called "Unity From You To Me":

You have shown me a whole new world in only six days.
You have shown me how to express myself in a new way.
A world of hate brought together with music and love,
Spread throughout the world - flying high like a dove.
A new love of musical sounds
Sparks an interest that has been found.
Through it has only been 6 days together,
You have created something inside of me that will last forever.
You revealed a new future to see,
You have share UNITY, from you to me!!!

Dear Mr. Wasserman - Thank you very much for coming to our school and teaching us so many fun, new instruments. I LOVED your program so much!!! It really changed my view of things. The way I see the world now is entirely different from how I used to see it. Instead of war and sadness, I see more unity and happiness - because you taught me that music is the voice of unity.

Every beat, every tone
Music - the rhythm of soul.
Pop, Jazz and Country
Release all our worries

Music gives life a motion
Music controls every emotion.
Music calms the mind
Music helps us - in our own way.

Music is inspiration
Music - full of imagination.
Music has feelings,
Music gives life a meaning.

A slow beat is a silent word,
A fast beat makes you shrewd -
Every moment, it's true worth.

Listen to music to change your mood
Listen to music to keep you cool
Listen to music to relax
Listen to music to run really fast.

Mr. Wasserman - My time with you is one lesson that I will always remember. You came to our school to teach us about music, but you taught us so much more...THANKS !

As peaceful as the tranquil sea,
As gentle as the rolling wind,
From the sound of a little maraca
To the voice of the big gong:
Music is Unity

Dear Mr. Wasserman - Before you came to our school I was limited to playing clarinet and singing. You taught me so much more. Now I am always listening to music and the silence.

As the sun rises
Or as the sun falls,
I sit listening to the Call.

This Call is different
Not normal at all,
It is not only to me
But to everyone – All.

The Call is from Unity,
The Call of Peace, and
This Call will not cease
Until we are all at peace.

Music is like a brand new language that no one has heard.
The different sounds of music represent different people.
If the whole world stops to play music, we will see that we ALL can have peace.
Even if it’s just for one minute, music can change our lives.
That is what I believe.

The show of a beat,
The stomp of your feet,
The hit of a mallet -
It is NOT a bullet.
Everyone shows harmony, It is a good quality,
Drums: the beat of a heart.



Andy performing the Japanese 13-string KOTO, September, 2012

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