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George Russell Lydian Concept Certified Instructor

  • About Andy

    MUSICIAN: Composer, Arranger, Recording Artist, Performer, Educator, Producer
    INSTRUMENTS: Piano, Keyboards, World Music (wind~string~percussion), Drums, Electric Bass
    PRODUCTION: Studio Owner, Sound Design, Multimedia Content Creator, Studio Musician
    MUSIC EDUCATOR: Certified Instructor of George Russell's "Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization"

    STYLES & GENRES: Jazz, World Music (African, Asian, Middle East, Native American, Latin & Afro-Cuban, South American), Holistic Music Healing, Fusion, Funk, Hip-Hop, Electronica, Blues and Boogie, New Age, Gospel, Adult Contemporary, Television/Radio themes, Web & Digital Media, Corporate.

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    andywassermanPianist and native New Yorker Andy Wasserman draws on an astonishingly diverse range of experiences in the music industry. His original compositions, arrangements and instrumental performances on many recordings and soundtracks for TV, Radio and Film productions have appeared on the NBC, CBS and ABC networks, as well as Cable TV stations that include A & E, The Lifetime Network, The History Channel, The Travel Channel, TBS, Nickelodeon, The Turner Network, QVC and The Learning Channel. Internationally, his work has been heard on TV, film and radio produced around the world in countries that include Japan, Argentina, Canada, Hong Kong, Italy, Finland, the Netherlands, Norway, Ireland, Australia, Brazil, Australia, Belgium, Czech Republic, Mexico, South Africa, Spain, United Kingdom and France.

    Wasserman's production studio and Indie record label TransMedia Sound & Music is his main vehicle for production assignments, from in-house scores and digital editing & mastering to multimedia content development. Corporate clients since 1987 have included AT&T, IBM, Panasonic, Mastercard, Sanofi-Winthrop Pharmaceuticals, Atlantic Mutual Insurance, Prentice-Hall, The Mayo Clinic, Castrol Motor Oil, Altered Image, Time-Life Music, Digital Cable Radio, New York Communications and Prime Productions. He was a co-creator of the world music Beat of the Blue Planet interactive CD-ROM, a ground-breaking 1995 disc produced for the music software company Opcode Interactive. Additionally, Andy has been extremely active with work in the field of Holistic Music Healing (the therapeutic modalities of music) in private and public venues since 1974.

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    Andy Wasserman has had numerous CDs and digital albums of his recorded compositions, arrangements and performances released over the last 20 years on different labels. Titles include KINDRED SPIRITS, UNIVERSAL BEAT, BEAD SONGS, HOUSE OF THE HEART, ANDY WASSERMAN PLAYS THE BLUES Volumes One and Two, TONAL GRAVITY POEMS Volume One, CONCORD, THE SEVEN VERTICAL SCALES, LUMINOSITY, WALK IN BALANCE, SONIC ARCHITECTURE, PATHWAYS, CHILDHOOD, FLOWERS, PROVIDENCE, INSIDE TRACK, POLESTAR and LOVE-STREAM.

    Additionally, his unique and sophisticated thematic solo piano work has been produced on special edition TV/Film Music Library CDs distributed worldwide by both the Pyramid Music Library (SOLO PIANO, Vol. 1) and the TWI North American Library (SOLO PIANO, Vol. 2) through licensing with Premier Radio Network.

    Wasserman's publishing company Andrew Roy Music has a catalog of 35 of his original compositions that have been recorded and released for worldwide distribution. BMI maintains a catalog of 73 published works with Wasserman as songwriter & composer. Andy entered the digital recording downloads and streaming market in June 2007. His 2020 licensing arrangement through TuneCore and Repost sells and plays his music through Google Play, YouTube Music, Spotify, Apple Music, Alibaba, Amazon Music, AMI Entertainment, Anghami, Boomplay, Deezer, Facebook, Instagram, iHeartRadio, Claro Música, KKBox, MelonPlus, Napster, NetEase, Pandora Plus, Resso, Saavn, Shazam, Sound Exchange, Tencent,Tidal, TikTok, Twitch, VK, Yandex, MediaNet, Simfy Africa, VerveLife, Gracenote, 7digital, Spinlet, Neurotic Media, Target Music, Claromusica, Zvooq, 8Tracks,Q.sic, Kuack, PlayNetwork, Touchtunes, Music Island, Joox, TimMusic, SoundTrack Your Brand, Zed+ and Gaana.

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    AWstoneMandalaWEBWasserman began performing at age 11 as a Hammond B3 organ player for religious services, a New York City Boy Scout Troop marching band snare drummer, a drummer in a Middle School rock band and an orchestral percussionist in High School. He has appeared primarily as a pianist in concerts and clubs since 1971. His original "World Music Experience" multi-cultural productions have been presented as concert performances and teaching workshops in thousands of festivals, schools, colleges and universities, museums and various public and private institutions since 1979. His management representation has included the agencies of Young Audiences, Festival of Music, Hospitals Audiences, Jumpstart, BOCES and Morris Arts.

    He has taught master classes as a visiting guest artist at Berklee College of Music, North Texas State University, Delmar College - Corpus Cristi, TX, New England Conservatory of Music, University of Georgia, Jersey City State College, and at the Percussive Arts Society International annual conferences in Nashville (1996) and Los Angeles (1997). He is one of only a few professional music educators certified directly by NEA Jazz Master and MacArthur Fellow George Russell to teach The Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization - the art and science of Tonal Gravity. Wasserman's primary aim is to maintain the integrity, authenticity and purity of George Russell's life's work by dedicating the transmission of its invaluable innovation explicitly as Russell and his wife Alice Norbury Russell intended it to be shared - thereby respecting and honoring his monumental legacy for future generations.

    Wasserman has spent decades in collaboration with a many different dancers and dance companies, acting as composer and accompanist. He was musical director and/or taught the course from his Book/CD "Music For Dancers" at dance festivals around the US such as The Rhythm Explosion (Boseman, Montana), The New York City "Tap City"  and the St. Louis Tap Festival.

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    UPDATED NEWS: a recent in-depth interview with Andy Wasserman on his life's work in music appears in JAZZ MONTHLY Magazine. View the interview and link on the home page of Jazz Monthly at this URL: JAZZMONTHLY.COMor go directly to the full article at this page: JAZZMONTHLY.COM/ANDY-WASSERMAN

    DECEMBER, 2020 - UPDATED LIVE STREAM CONCERT NEWS: Andy Wasserman began weekly Live Streamed Concerts each Sunday at 7:00pm Eastern Time on June 28, 2020. Click THIS LINKto view current and past concerts.Click THIS LINK to read the article about Andy's 25th consecutive live stream concert milestone with in-depth information about his "Listening Experience" solo piano performance broadcasts. Find out more about the 159 new compositions created during this period AT THIS LINK.

    JANUARY, 2021 UPDATE: Click THIS LINK to read a review in the New York City Jazz Record of the POLESTARlive stream concert.

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    Andy Wasserman Live Stream Concerts

    SEPTEMBER 19, 2020 - UPDATED NEWS: Andy Wasserman's latest album releases of original music for solo piano are now available on BANDCAMP.

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    MARCH 2021 UPDATE: Two of Andy's latest albums - FLOWERS and THE SEVEN VERTICAL SCALES - were both nominated for Best Solo Piano Album of The Year (2020) in the Jazz category by Here's a Spotify Playlist with all the tracks from both albums:

    Inscription to Andy Wasserman by "Beyond Category" Duke Ellington biographer John Edward Hasse, the renowned Curator Emeritus at the Smithsonian, frequent Wall Street Journal contributor, Grammy-nominated producer and founder of the Smithsonian Jazz Masterworks Orchestra:


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  • January 2021 Review of Live Stream Concert in The New York City Jazz Record Magazine

    The January, 2021 issue of The New York City Jazz Record features a music review written by Jazz author, poet and musician John Pietaro of Andy Wasserman's PoleStar live stream solo piano concert (December 13, 2020), appearing in the NY@Night section alongside other concert reviews of Eddie Palmieri, Christian McBride and Matthew Shipp on page 5. The NYC Jazz Record is the city's only homegrown gazette devoted to the music world of Jazz.

    The PoleStar concert consisted entirely of original compositions, presented with the intention to uplift and inspire the listener in relation to the themes of the light emanating from a guiding star in the sky in conjunction with the internal light deep within the heart. Compositions presented are:
    1) Centrality
    2) Lighthouse
    3) Togetherness
    4) Ataraxia
    5) Progeny
    6) Loose
    7) Effulgence
    8) Abound

    Here's the review as it appears in the magazine, followed by the text-only version:

    NYC Jazz Record Andy Wasserman Review HiRez 300

    During the pandemic, pianist Andy Wasserman has been presenting regular live-stream concerts with one ear toward the therapeutic, healing qualities of music. His latest (Dec. 13th) was dedicated to northern Pole Stars; for astronomy-leaning jazzbos, these are currently Polaris and Polaris Australis. Wasserman produced forays into the bright, the glimmering, the burning, the clouded-over, icy and distant, with use of falling phrases over shifting, widely gripped harmonies as well as blues-drenched, ringing major sevenths, ninths and elevenths. But this was far from what we used to call ‘new age’ music. “Togetherness”, a slow, meandering work, conjured thoughts of Bill Evans and Herbie Hancock. While feelings of unity can be subjective, the rolling complexities in Wasserman’s works are beautifully, almost mystically woven together. More so, much of the pianist’s repertoire is built on his mastery of George Russell’s Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization (indeed, Wasserman was certified by Russell to teach it). “Ataraxia” offered the most profound modal quality, leaving the listener with that odd feeling of hollowness that arises with such tonalities. This piece also carried a motive nothing short of haunting in its reach for simplicity. Other works incorporated lonesome, roving basslines opposite right-hand postmodern jazz, one inspired by Eric Dolphy’s iconic postcard to Russell proclaiming that he’s working on “the new concept, but with an outward-bound feeling.” (written by John Pietaro)

     Here's the album on SPOTIFY:

    Learn more about the music from the POLESTAR live stream concert and hear the tracks on a new 2021 album on major streaming and digital music download platforms at these links:








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  • Music Theory

    Andy Wasserman received a degree in Composition from the New England Conservatory with years of intensive study with George Russell and his renowned classic text "The Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization."

    There is no way to describe the forces that prevail inside Andy Wasserman's compositional ideas and styles without taking into consideration the profound influence that George Russell has had on him. Mr. Russell's monumental contribution to the world of music theory, and the only fully-formed, complete pan-stylistic theory of music to come from the African-American Jazz tradition is his "Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization" (a/k/a The LCCOTO)

    The Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization is a major part of innovator, band leader, composer and Jazz master George Russell entire life's work. He spent 50 years developing this system that takes a very objective view of music, and describes in great detail what the music itself is telling us. It establishes gravity as the prime moving force in music. More detailed information about George Russell can be found HEREat his personal website, as well as the cyberspace home of "The Concept,"

    Andy Wasserman specializes in teaching his students the meaning behind the music through traditional Western music theory and George Russell's Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization (LCCOTO). He includes quite a bit of theoretical information in his instrumental lessons but is also working with a few students whose entire focus is the study of music theory.

    Additionally, Andy teaches musicians how to improvise and express themselves freely and with originality on any instrument. The two disciplines of music theory and improvisation go hand in hand. Think of music theory as learning how to speak a language and improvisation as then deciding what it is that you wish to say in that new language.

    A student must be an advanced beginner on their instrument and at least 9 years old in order to pursue these subjects.

    Anyone can learn how to improvise within any style of contemporary music, but the art of improvisation is often best suited in the context of Jazz - American's indigenous improvisational music.

    In this study the student learns to listen and build phrases that communicate a coherent, simple and clear meaningful musical statement while exploring rhythmic invention. Andy gives you the tools to build your own improvised sound with a time-tested method of teaching from the perspective of self-expression and creativity. After all, that's what improvisation is all about - and music theory gives you the map with which to navigate your journey of exploration.

    These lessons can be of tremendous help to aspiring songwriters and composers in mastering their artistic and aesthetic judgment as well.

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    VIDEO: Suite for solo piano, composed and performed by Andy Wasserman - notation transcription scrolling in sync with the music.

     The resonance of music circulates as architecture in sound.

    A mansion with many rooms, doors and windows.


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  • Private Music Lessons Online In Real-Time via Video Conferencing since 2010

    Interactive and personalized instruction on the internet, customized for you!



    40 YEARS TEACHING EXPERIENCE; teaching online since 2010 to students worldwide!


    Expert online lessons for children, teens, adults, professional musicians and music educators

    All styles for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels

    Read reviews and testimonials from students past and present AT THIS LINK

    CLICK HERE to contact Andy directly and get details on his one-on-one, distance learning private lessons

    Experienced and dedicated music artist and educator Andy Wasserman opens his teaching studio to the whole world 24/7 through a high-speed internet in his recording studio for personalized, one-on-one webcam private lessons via real-time streaming video, audio and file sharing

    This online distance learning can be accessed using your choice of the free call service platforms Skype or Zoom video conferencing for face-to-face webcam streaming. Your lessons can be recorded during the call and archived, stored on your device for future reference. Or if you prefer, we can communicate via phone calls and email too.

    Wasserman's studio configures an Ethernet-wired connection, two Hi-Def webcams (switching views between face and Steinway grand piano keys) a studio condenser microphone and Pro-Audio USB interface for smooth, superb sound and picture.

    Andy has 3 free services available by request to supplement the video chat for an enhanced learning experience: a whiteboard web program, with audio, document upload and text-chat functions for charts and sheet music (Andy draws on whiteboard in real-time during lesson with Wacom Tablet); music notation software file sharing, and cloud storage for custom video and audio practice files he produces individually for each student.

    Highly interactive, customized and personalized programs of study in piano, music theory, composition, arranging, improvisation, percussion and rhythmic training, and George Russell's Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization. Specializing in Jazz, Classical and Pop styles and the connections between them, including Jazz improvisation, Song Writing and Classical Repertoire interpretation.


    "Why take weekly one-on-one music lessons with an experienced, qualified, life-long professional musician and devoted, dedicated music educator when you can simply watch YouTube videos and try teaching yourself?"

    The most straight-forward and truthful answer is this:

    Music is a deep and worthy subject to pursue.

    A deep subject must be studied deeply.

    A worthy subject must be studied in a worthy manner.

    To pursue the study of music in an enjoyable, fulfilling, creative, connected and authentic way, a person must be guided correctly.


    • Quality of the teacher:  Most educators agree it is better to have Skype lessons with an excellent teacher than it is to have in-person lessons with a less qualified teacher.
    • Searching for the best match to suit your needs: Seeking a new teacher using Skype broadens the search possibilities since choices are not restricted to one's local geographical area.
    • Connecting with the right teacher: Skype gives students the opportunity to find the best teacher whose expertise can help them attain their goals.
    • Added benefit of Recording the Lessons: While students always have the option to record their in-person lessons, it rarely happens. But students can easily record Skype lessons for review at a later time with digital recorders or free apps that plug into Skype during a video call.
    • Immediate Practicing: Long-distance students can practice immediately after the lesson when ideas are fresh and when energy levels are still high.
    • Warming Up: Students can warm up on their instrument and review their assignment right before their lesson, and have the advantage of playing their own instrument during the Skype lesson.
    • Increased student performance:Research studies have found that people tend to be very focused when interacting via webcam with minimal off-task distracting behavior during the lesson.
    CLICK HERE to send an email directly to Andy for more details on his one-on-one, distance learning private lessons
    Click THIS LINKto visit Andy Wasserman's PIANO LESSON CITY website dedicated exclusively to his online music lessons!

    Visit Andy Wasserman's listing on the international MUSIC TEACHERS DIRECTORY website.

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    A recent testimony from an adult study who takes weekly real-time online private lessons: Andy: I want to thank you for the time we’ve spent together at the piano during our weekly online Skype video chat calls. I’ve enjoyed listening to the audio I record to document our weekly lessons while driving my car each day. You’re really a gifted teacher and although I’m one of your new students, you have already given me a sense of calm, confidence and excitement when playing the piano and/or composing. I’m very thankful to have been exposed to both you and George Russell’s “Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization.”



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  • Transcriptions Playlist

    Andy Wasserman solos, compositions and arrangements for piano TRANSCRIBED from recordings!

    The videos in the gallery below allow you to enjoy note-by-note transcriptions as they scroll, synchronized to the audio tracks. Watch, follow and listen! All transcription notation and videos produced by Chris Bandy.Feel free to contact Chris Bandy if you would like to purchase a PDF sheet music copy of any of these transcriptions.

    The first video in the playist, 'The Consonant Nucleus', is a split-screen video, with Andy playing live on his Steinway grand piano on the left, while the note-for-note transcription of what he's performing scrolls on the right. You can follow the transcription as you watch him play!

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