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  • LIVE STREAM CONCERTS MILESTONE #1: Celebrating 25 Consecutive Solo Piano "Listening Experience" events

    The live stream concert dedicated to "PoleStar" broadcast from my website on Sunday, December 13th, 2020 was the 25th consecutive solo piano concert since the inception on June 28th, 2020. Each and every Sunday I have presented "The Listening Experience" of all original music created to inspire and uplift audiences around the world. They have all been free-of-charge (donations accepted), with no log in or registration needed to view. The majority of concerts are one hour in length, consisting of 8 instrumental songs.

    I've composed, arranged and performed over 150 original compositions in these live streams during this six-month period.  View the database list of these compositions in different blog article AT THIS LINK. These compositions are always complied each week in the song set list for each live stream concert in a gallery of text panels on the bottom of the live stream page. Here's a screen shot.

    previous live perf prog notes screenshot

    Many of these have been edited and mastered into tracks which have been released as albums (see links below).

    My own TransMedia Sound & Music production equipment consists of a multi-camera process with four 1080p HD video cameras (High-quality 150° wide-angle lens of f2.8/15.2 mm) positioned to view the side, back, overhead and keyboard close-up angles of my Steinway grand piano, a X/Y stereo microphone handling sound levels up to 120 dB SPL, and a video mixer switch device that I control live while I am performing.

    The live stream page can be accessed HERE.

    20 of these concerts are currently archived and available to watch 24/7 on the same live stream page, located directly below the live stream window, labeled "Andy's Previous Live Performances" (see screen shot) with a playlist tab, and is also viewable on the home page of my website. That blue PLAYLIST tab drop-down menu in the upper-right corner of the window allows anyone to select and watch a replay of an entire concert anytime they choose.

    previous concerts archive window label

    A Virtual Tip Jar donation system allows viewers the opportunity to help support live music and the costs to provide professional streaming concerts. The secure PayPal and credit card payment method button link is located directly above the live streaming video window. It looks like this:

    Live Stream Virtual Tip Jar screenshot

    Sending much gratitude and sincere appreciation to each and every past, present and future viewer
    who has helped compensate my work with their donations using this Virtual Tip Jar.

    My current and future concerts are updated every week on many popular and established professional concert events websites.

    Click a link below and sign up to track my concerts with get notification updates on every future concert:






    EVENTS at

    You can enjoy the audio music tracks of original compositions and solo piano performances from these first 25 concerts streamed, viewed or purchased as digital downloads by following me at these major online music retail and streaming platforms:







    For those of you that like analytics, here's the rundown of the total number of 25 concerts statistics from the stream hosting service provider from June 28 through December 13, 2020:

    233      Viewers
    185      Hours watched
    163      Websites

    It is worth noting that the intention within these concerts has been one of holistic music healing in an effort to give the listeners a chance to relax and simply "be" as an aural and artistic antidote of these very stressful and difficult times. Additionally, the compositions during these live streams have given me a wonderful opportunity to showcase my life's work as the resonance of tonal gravity, as taught to me by my mentor and author of "The Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization - the art and science of tonal gravity" George Russellalong with the technical, emotional and rhythmic foundation given me by my musical parents Dwike Mitchell and Papa Ladji Camara.

    Here's a brand-new review in the New York City Jazz Record January 2021 issue. (This is New York City's only homegrown Jazz Gazette!) The review, written by Jazz author, poet and musician John Pietaro details my "PoleStar" live stream concert (December 13, 2020), and appearing on page 5 in the NY@Night section. To view a copy of the live stream concert review: CLICK THIS LINK.

    An earlier positive review was posted after my November 21, 2020 concert; a benefit concert to raise money for the Sussex County Food Coop Natural Foods Store. You can read about it on this earlier blog post HERE.

    Here's a playlist of some of the Live Stream concerts I uploaded to my YouTube Channel:

    To those of you reading this blog article who have not yet checked out one of my live stream concerts, please feel free to join me in the future. And you can now book me to present your very own, private, personalized CUSTOM LIVE STREAM CONCERTS!

    And THANK YOU for joining me for "The Listening Experience" Live Stream Weekly Concert Series.

     Andy Wasserman Livestream Top Image comp

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  • MUSIC COMPOSITION UPDATE: 159 new works for solo piano written and performed in the last 6 months for live stream concerts and recordings

    I've composed, arranged and performed a total of 159 new original compositions for solo piano during this last six-month period. Scroll down this blog entry to view the database of new pieces created for performance during 21 live stream concerts ("The Listening Experience"), listed by date, concert theme and composition title. Last week's detailed blog article AT THIS LINK tells the story of my 25 consecutive live stream concert events with in-depth information.

    These compositions are also listed on my Live Stream Page, featured in the song set list for each live stream concert in a gallery of text panels you can scroll through on the bottom of the live stream page.

    There is no way this level of creativity could have occured without the universal inspiration from George Russell (my composition mentor) and his enduring, prodigious Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization, for which I am eternally grateful.

    The January, 2021 issue of The New York City Jazz Recordincludes a music review written by Jazz author, poet and musician John Pietaro of my "PoleStar" live stream solo piano concert (December 13, 2020), appearing on page 5 in the NY@Night section. Read a copy of the article by CLICKING THIS LINK.

    Here's the compilation master list:

    001 LS Concert Spreadsheet

    002 LS Concert Spreadsheet

    003 LS Concert Spreadsheet

    004 LS Concert Spreadsheet 

    005 LS Concert Spreadsheet 

    006 LS Concert Spreadsheet 

    007 LS Concert Spreadsheet 

     008 LS Concert Spreadsheet

     009 LS Concert Spreadsheet

    010 LS Concert Spreadsheet 

     011 LS Concert Spreadsheet

    012 LS Concert Spreadsheet 

     013 LS Concert Spreadsheet

     014 LS Concert Spreadsheet

     015 LS Concert Spreadsheet

     016 LS Concert Spreadsheet

    017 LS Concert Spreadsheet 

    018 LS Concert Spreadsheet 

     019 LS Concert Spreadsheet

     020 LS Concert Spreadsheet

    021 LS Concert Spreadsheet 

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