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    Beginning on August 1st, 2021 with my 60th consecutive weekly livestream concert, the "Listening Experience" Couch Tour solo piano Sunday Jazz Jam program I present for a global audience will continue to broadcast new original music throughout August, September and October 2021. Posted on Jambase as well as other concert venue hubs, the events are billed as: Andy Wasserman COUCH TOUR Livestream: Solo Piano - Sunday Jazz Jam EVENT DESCRIPTION:Tune in, join the upbeat vibes and let this LIVE Jammin' music rejuvenate you!  Watch musical artist and certified Lydian Chromatic Concept teacher Andy Wasserman's Live Stream "Couch Tour" Concert - this Sunday at 7:00pm Eastern/4:00 Pacific. Soak in the inspiring "Listening Experience" - a solo piano program of fresh, brand-new, original compositions and improvisations performed on a beautiful 1924 Steinway grand piano FREE: no registration, tickets or login required! Go to my live stream player AT THIS LINK to gain access the concert Read More
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PEREGRINATION new album of Andy Wasserman solo piano Contemporary Jazz original compositions

I am humbled and honored to share my latest album with you - my 20th album release since 1995 -  entitled "Peregrination." The album title pays homage to the course of travel, that path you take on a journey, even a pilgrimage - within and without.

These original compositions for solo piano are presented in the Contemporary Jazz genre, performed to accompany the listener on their inner journey, a mysterious and magnetic pilgrimage to the center of the heart. The improvisations are built on a foundation of my four decades of work as editorial assistant and certified instruction of George Russell’s Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization.

May this new music bring joy to you on whatever journey you are on, and vibrate in your heart so it opens, softens and becomes lighter than a feather. Music for flowering hearts!

Scroll down this long post for links to finding this album all across the web on your favorite music streaming and downloading sites, including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, iHeart Radio, Bandcamp and more. Trusting you will have as much fun listening to it as I had in the creative process of performing it.


Andy Wasserman Peregrination Album 1440web


Listen to each audio track and watch a video of my performance of that track, edited from the entire Peregrination "Listening Experience" livestream concert!

Artist: Andy Wasserman, solo piano original compositions
Genre: Contemporary Jazz
Label: TransMedia Sound & Music
Release date: April 4, 2021
UPC: 4062994967048
Tracks: 7
Total time: 43:47

TRACK LIST and commentary ~ with links to each track on YouTube and Bandcamp

1. Fatherland - An ode to the Motherland, the Homeland, the Old County, the connection to living in harmony with that which sustains, creates and protects us.
Track on YouTube LINK
Track on Bandcamp LINK

2. Aquifer Of Memory - A wellspring that wakes us up to the root of the root in remembrance.
Track on YouTube LINK
Track on Bandcamp LINK

3. Intendment - Tuning into the design of significant understanding, aligned through a message from within to a sense of meaning and purpose in our lives.
Track on YouTube LINK
Track on Bandcamp LINK

4. Sanctorium - Dedicated to the pleasing sonic architecture soundscape that resonates as energy circulating.
Track on YouTube LINK
Track on Bandcamp LINK

5. Transubstantiation - The modulation, in music and life, that transmutes, reconstructs and reverses as we mature and fulfill our birthright.
Track on YouTube LINK
Track on Bandcamp LINK

6. Inquest - A piece exploring what it may feel like to listen with an inner ear as we progress on the path to becoming better listeners.
Track on YouTube LINK
Track on Bandcamp LINK

7. Panacea Pouch - A reference to a beautiful story about a medicant's bag that has a secret cure-all for the ailments that plague the body, mind, emotions and soul.
Track on YouTube LINK
Track on Bandcamp LINK

All music on Peregrination: composed, arranged, performed and produced by Andy Wasserman. © ℗ 2021 All Rights Reserved.

Here's the album in a Spotify Playlist to listen to right here on this blog post:

LINKS: Entire PEREGRINATION album on top music platforms:

SPOTIFY Album Playlist

Album on AMAZON



YOUTUBE MUSIC Album Playlist

The entire album "PEREGRINATION"
performed during a livestream concert

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