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    Announcing a new landing page for all of my most important, up-to-date and prolific online content connections at the LinkTree platform. This very cool single link concept allows anyone to access not only my official website, but also connect with the most current info on my Live Stream concerts, my YouTube Channel, my JamBase artist concert page, my Couch Tour at Bands-In-Town, my BandCamp albums, my George Russell Lydian Chromatic Concept page, my online music school, my Google pages, and social media icons for Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, SoundCloud and Bandcamp. Click this banner to view my new customized LinkTree landing page: Here is a screen shot of the LinkTree landing page. Notice the LinkTree icon links floating among the brances of a tree, with an ancient Moroccan hanging lamp in a background video That's what you call a real Link Tree!   #linktree, #andywassermanlinktree, #musicalartistandywasserman, #andywassermanmusic, Read More
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    I happy to announce that my LISTENING EXPERIENCE Live Stream Solo Piano weekly concerts are now proudly listed on JAMBASE, a major online music event platform and news portal of live music and festivals with a focus on Jam Bands. As a life-long, professional performing Contemporary Jazz pianist/composer who is deep into improvisation, jammin' is what my musical artistry is all about. It's what I love doing more than anything else! JamBase is deeply committed to supporting and growing the live music community of listeners. Their organization believes live music can truly change the world! They are dedicated to channeling its power into positive social and environmental action. JamBase gravitates music of true substance and character, with the aim of promoting it everywhere. Check out the event schedule on my official JamBase Artist/Band page HERE. An article about my "Couch Tour" appeared on the JamBase website on Earth Day - April Read More
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    I am humbled and honored to share my latest album with you - my 20th album release since 1995 -  entitled "Peregrination." The album title pays homage to the course of travel, that path you take on a journey, even a pilgrimage - within and without. These original compositions for solo piano are presented in the Contemporary Jazz genre, performed to accompany the listener on their inner journey, a mysterious and magnetic pilgrimage to the center of the heart. The improvisations are built on a foundation of my four decades of work as editorial assistant and certified instruction of George Russell’s Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization. May this new music bring joy to you on whatever journey you are on, and vibrate in your heart so it opens, softens and becomes lighter than a feather. Music for flowering hearts! Scroll down this long post for links to finding this album all Read More
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Music Documentary Film Review: "Hearing Is Believing" - Rachel Flowers

Although released as a full-length documentary film in 2017, I had not had the opportunity to see this movie until this week. Let me begin by saying that it is a very important film for everyone to enjoy and learn from, especially musicians.

The focus is on Rachel Flowers. She is what a real musician looks like - in every way, shape and form.

Her essence is one of purity. That's what this film means to me: music is purity. The purity of her soul made me cry tears of joy at the end of the film.

She hears a sound in everything and in everyone. The title says it all. More than the familiar motto "seeing is believing," the truth is that "hearing is believing." This is in perfect alignment with my axiom that music is a gift given to all human beings to teach us to become better listeners. Her ears are as wide open as anyone I can ever imagine!

I could go on and on about everything that made me feel so connected to Rachel as a fellow human being, a soul-sister in the art and science of music making. But my intention in posting this on my blog is to spread the word about this jewel in the light of the eye of creation - Rachel Flowers.

You need to hear her play her heart out with world-class chops on a wide variety of instruments (especially piano, flute and guitar), and listen to her compositions. As a fellow composer, I am most impressed by her powerful compositions. You're going to be hearing a lot about her!

But perhaps most refreshing is the undeniable fact that Rachel experiences no boundaries between every so-called stylistic genre. She plays everything from Rachmaninoff's Third Piano Concerto to Bach to Keith Emerson to Jazz and Fusion, from Rush to Frank Zappa, to the American Song Book, ad infinitum.

How rare to find a story about a true human being, who has not been tainted by the world or the quest for fame and fortune, but to simply listen and play music; exploring everything musical with reckless abandon - moving forward at Godspeed.

Here are a bunch of links to the film, and to Rachel Flowers' own music Internet sites:

Watch the streaming video on Amazon Prime Video:

A YouTube Channel dedicated to clips, reviews and screenings of the film:

Rachel Flowers music YouTube Channel:

Rachel Flowers Bandcamp music albums for digital download:

Rachel Flowers Facebook page:

Rachel Flowers Twitter page:

Interview with the film's director and Rachel Flowers on the making of the documentary:


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