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  • Lydian Chromatic Concept Update: new video "The Consonant Nucleus" split-screen Performance and Transcription - Lydian, Lydian Augmented, Lydian Diminished Scales +

    A new video of me playing my original compositions of the first 3 Lydian Chromatic Concept Scales from my "Seven Vertical Scales" album is now live on YouTube on Chris Bandy's channel! It captures a split-screen where you see me performing the instrumental works from the solo piano album live on my 1924 Steinway "M" on the left, and a note-for-note transcription scrolling on the right. You can follow along by watching the music notation to get a better idea of these first three scales in the Western Order of Tonal Gravity. Notation and video produced by Chris Bandy, and original performance live stream concert produced by me for TransMedia Sound and Music, my production company. The Lydian Scale, The Lydian Augmented Scale, and The Lydian Diminished Scale are part of the nine-tone order called "The Consonant Nucleus" for their chord-producing qualities, which encompass the five fundamental chord categories of Read More
  • Giving +

    As we observe and celebrate on this day, Thanksgiving day 2020, it is my intention in this blog post to share with everyone a list of the qualities of giving that we can nurture moving forward, pressing onward and upward. These internal attitudes of character and behavior represent the antithesis of narcissism. Thanksgiving is a time to feel grateful and connect with gratitude, but besides the first part of the word "thanksgiving," the second part is more important, especially now with all the challenges we face as Americans and as human beings around the globe. Giving is what makes us human - whereby we feel that others are more important than ourselves. When our own needs take a backseat to feeling empathy for the needs of others, we discover what being human can be. Let's listen to the silence (within and without) today and everyday as we keep on keepin' on, Read More
  • Review of Andy Wasserman Benefit Live Stream Concert November 21, 2020 +

    Here's a review posted on Facebook from this past weekend's Live Stream Concert Fundraiser to benefit the Sussex County Food Coop: THIS WAS TRANSFORMATIVE! An Editorial Note: Last night we hosted a lovely concert by Andy Wasserman, and I just have to say an amazing thing happened. I took an hour to just "BE" and relax and enjoy the show. Not only the music, but how the music made me feel. It was relaxing and an almost spiritual experience as I set aside an hour for myself to enjoy this. Maybe it's because it's been such a busy few months and there's been so much at stake this past year. Whatever your reason, I urge you all to take a moment and spend it on yourself. If you're so inclined you have the opportunity to watch last night's concert as Andy is leaving it up on his site and accepting Read More
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New Video Release: 25 Album Covers in Art Gallery Tour

You can now take a whirlwind tour through a virtual art gallery showcasing my own album cover artwork. I use graphic design software to design and illustrate all the artwork creations for my music album recording releases. The video can be viewed on my Vimeo and YouTube channels, as well as within this website. The video soundtrack is of course me jamming on my "Broadway Boogie Woogie" solo piano composition, borrowed from my "Andy Wasserman Plays The Blues, Volume One" album.

This stunning video was created using a beautiful Adobe AfterEffects template by Patrick Doyle, the webmaster of this website. Check out his portfolio and website at this link:

This gallery showcases 25 recent album covers which include both released and not yet released albums. You can audition and preview the recent albums and album artwork on Bandcamp here:

Andy Wasserman Gallery Tour Video Thumbnail Text Web

You can watch the video in this Blog post, or check it out on my VIMEO page at this link:

And you can watch it on my official YOUTUBE channel at this link:

More information about my TransMedia Sound & Music record company for which I produce these covers along with other audio/video/graphic production projects, click this link:

Click TRACK button to get current and upcoming live stream concert updates for Andy Wasserman music events at Bands-In-Town

Watch the video right here and hope you enjoy the Art Gallery Tour. Be sure to look in the upper right corner for "call-out" links to the music from each album cover!