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  • LIVESTREAM CONCERT UPDATE Jambase Couch Tour summer fall 2021 dates +

    Beginning on August 1st, 2021 with my 60th consecutive weekly livestream concert, the "Listening Experience" Couch Tour solo piano Sunday Jazz Jam program I present for a global audience will continue to broadcast new original music throughout August, September and October 2021. Posted on Jambase as well as other concert venue hubs, the events are billed as: Andy Wasserman COUCH TOUR Livestream: Solo Piano - Sunday Jazz Jam EVENT DESCRIPTION:Tune in, join the upbeat vibes and let this LIVE Jammin' music rejuvenate you!  Watch musical artist and certified Lydian Chromatic Concept teacher Andy Wasserman's Live Stream "Couch Tour" Concert - this Sunday at 7:00pm Eastern/4:00 Pacific. Soak in the inspiring "Listening Experience" - a solo piano program of fresh, brand-new, original compositions and improvisations performed on a beautiful 1924 Steinway grand piano FREE: no registration, tickets or login required! Go to my live stream player AT THIS LINK to gain access the concert Read More
  • Connect with Andy Wasserman online content at LinkTree +

    Announcing a new landing page for all of my most important, up-to-date and prolific online content connections at the LinkTree platform. This very cool single link concept allows anyone to access not only my official website, but also connect with the most current info on my Live Stream concerts, my YouTube Channel, my JamBase artist concert page, my Couch Tour at Bands-In-Town, my BandCamp albums, my George Russell Lydian Chromatic Concept page, my online music school, my Google pages, and social media icons for Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, SoundCloud and Bandcamp. Click this banner to view my new customized LinkTree landing page: Here is a screen shot of the LinkTree landing page. Notice the LinkTree icon links floating among the brances of a tree, with an ancient Moroccan hanging lamp in a background video That's what you call a real Link Tree!   #linktree, #andywassermanlinktree, #musicalartistandywasserman, #andywassermanmusic, Read More
  • Andy Wasserman Couch Tour Livestream Sunday Concert Events now on JamBase +

    I happy to announce that my LISTENING EXPERIENCE Live Stream Solo Piano weekly concerts are now proudly listed on JAMBASE, a major online music event platform and news portal of live music and festivals with a focus on Jam Bands. As a life-long, professional performing Contemporary Jazz pianist/composer who is deep into improvisation, jammin' is what my musical artistry is all about. It's what I love doing more than anything else! JamBase is deeply committed to supporting and growing the live music community of listeners. Their organization believes live music can truly change the world! They are dedicated to channeling its power into positive social and environmental action. JamBase gravitates music of true substance and character, with the aim of promoting it everywhere. Check out the event schedule on my official JamBase Artist/Band page HERE. An article about my "Couch Tour" appeared on the JamBase website on Earth Day - April Read More
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FILEMAIL REVIEW 2020: the fastest file transfer cloud service I've found, and the perfect choice for musicians and music educators who need to send and receive large audio and video files of any size

After extensive research and comparison shopping the major online companies that allow people to upload and download huge files, I've come to the firm conclusion that FileMail is the best for many reasons, especially because it has no limit on file size (even the most basic free version) and has a solid desktop utility for off-line uploads with speeds up to 20 times faster than other web browser transfer sites.

Teaching online, creating music videos and posting WAV files requires the sharing of very large files. After many months of use, I'm sold on Filemail. To put it simply, Filemail works perfectly with all the features a musician and music educator would ever need. The interface is smooth, easy and straight-ahead.

I've never had any hassles or failed uploads when starting out with their free version which was robust enough to keep me going for all of my largest file sending needs.

FILEMAIL gives you the options to choose to send files directly in an email or by copy/paste a link. In terms of online privacy, the data belongs exclusively only to the user, since this company, based in Norway, complies with GDPR guidelines.

If you do try out their free basic service, it is a plus that you do not need to register or log in, and you can download the Filemail desktop program (also for free) and use it off-line to upload your files. The files you upload with the free version are available for 7 days, which is longer than most other free file transfer service companies. However, you do not have any file storage with the free version. Once the 7 days are up, whatever you uploaded to their cloud is deleted. (Note: most other companies delete you files after only 1 day!)

Filemail lets you upload/download files of any size, which is amazing since most other companies have file size limits. They are offering faster transfer speeds than most other companies and they don't force people who receive your files to register anywhere or install anything. Filemail integrates seamlessly into all popular e-mail software platforms and have a wide range of mobile apps and e-mail add-ons.

I recently upgraded to Filemail's most popular account, their Business level, which is designed for individuals with a lot of production files like myself that need to be sent and received, or medium-sized companies which require multiple user accounts. It is set up to receive files from anyone, anywhere, with a very nice interface for custom page branding and email. The most significant feature for this level is that all files sent and received of any size (no limit, ever) are that they reside in the cloud forever. Each business user in the account can store up to 1 TB. If you need more, there is one more upgrade offer with more storage called "Filemail Enterprise."

This paid service gives me my own domain with my own form to use for all transfers, even when requesting others without a Filemail account to send me large files.

You can also integrate Filemail into your website with their API options to customize JS and CSS.

Another very cool thing about the Filemail desktop program is its option to automatically download all files you receive to your computer/server. That way you don't need to do this yourself and wait for downloads to finish. You can keep track of the files by specifying how the files should be organized (in folders etc.). File integrity is guaranteed by downloading files in chunks that have a hash signature.

And if you want to shop around and compare Filemail to other services, here's some features that you may be interested in learning about:

file size limited to up to 1 GB, 2.5 GB if you use your Firefox account.
Send applies end-to-end encryption to secure your shared file so it's protected from the point you send it to the point it's opened. You can control your file to determine when its link expires, how many times it can be downloaded, and whether someone needs a password to open it.

Free version requires a log in and account registration
send uploads are limited to 5 per month with a total limit of 4 GB
the $5 a month offers many more options and faster bandwidth speed


A very popular and works well, but limits file size to 100mb with the free version. Most video files you'll need to send and receive are larger than that.



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