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  • MUSIC COMPOSITION UPDATE: 159 new works for solo piano written and performed in the last 6 months for live stream concerts and recordings +

    I've composed, arranged and performed a total of 159 new original compositions for solo piano during this last six-month period. Scroll down this blog entry to view the database of new pieces created for performance during 21 live stream concerts ("The Listening Experience"), listed by date, concert theme and composition title. Last week's detailed blog article AT THIS LINK tells the story of my 25 consecutive live stream concert events with in-depth information. These compositions are also listed on my Live Stream Page, featured in the song set list for each live stream concert in a gallery of text panels you can scroll through on the bottom of the live stream page. There is no way this level of creativity could have occured without the universal inspiration from George Russell (my composition mentor) and his enduring, prodigious Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization, for which I am eternally grateful. The January, Read More
  • LIVE STREAM CONCERTS MILESTONE #1: Celebrating 25 Consecutive Solo Piano "Listening Experience" events +

    The live stream concert dedicated to "PoleStar" broadcast from my website on Sunday, December 13th, 2020 was the 25th consecutive solo piano concert since the inception on June 28th, 2020. Each and every Sunday I have presented "The Listening Experience" of all original music created to inspire and uplift audiences around the world. They have all been free-of-charge (donations accepted), with no log in or registration needed to view. The majority of concerts are one hour in length, consisting of 8 instrumental songs. I've composed, arranged and performed over 150 original compositions in these live streams during this six-month period.  View the database list of these compositions in different blog article AT THIS LINK. These compositions are always complied each week in the song set list for each live stream concert in a gallery of text panels on the bottom of the live stream page. Here's a screen shot. Many Read More
  • Music Documentary Film Review: "Hearing Is Believing" - Rachel Flowers +

    Although released as a full-length documentary film in 2017, I had not had the opportunity to see this movie until this week. Let me begin by saying that it is a very important film for everyone to enjoy and learn from, especially musicians. The focus is on Rachel Flowers. She is what a real musician looks like - in every way, shape and form. Her essence is one of purity. That's what this film means to me: music is purity. The purity of her soul made me cry tears of joy at the end of the film. She hears a sound in everything and in everyone. The title says it all. More than the familiar motto "seeing is believing," the truth is that "hearing is believing." This is in perfect alignment with my axiom that music is a gift given to all human beings to teach us to become better listeners. Read More
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New BANDCAMP solo piano album release entitled "Tonal Gravity Poems - Volume One"

The Andy Wasserman Bandcamp page has been updated again and now lists one of my latest original solo piano concept albums of seven tracks featuring themes from a poetry book I've been working on the last few years. It was released on August 21, 2020. I’m performing live with brand new compositions on my 1924 Steinway Model "M" grand piano.

This collection of newly recorded original solo piano performances features my musical reflections of poems about nature and wisdom. Feel free to read the poems that correspond to each track when you click on the "info" details link for each individual song on the Bandcamp album page.

Learn more and listen by visiting this new album's Bandcamp page AT THIS LINK.

The title "Tonal Gravity Poems" pays respect and homage to the profound influence that George Russell's "Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization - the art and science of tonal gravity" has had on my music as a composer and improviser. The awareness of the Lydian Tonic (the center of tonal gravity) at all times exists at the heart of this music's resonance, allowing me to transform the poem's story beyond words into soundscapes.

All music composed, arranged, performed live, recorded and produced by me.

Here’s the track list:

1. Butterfly's Shadow 02:38
2. If A Cloud Were A Mountain 03:40
3. One Wish 03:19
4. The Breeze 04:33
5. The Dock 03:54
6. The Ear Of Silence 02:39
7. The Most Beautiful Place To Pray 04:30

You can listen to these tracks in the jukebox playlist below!

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