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Online Programs & Video Conferencing

Andy Wasserman presents VIRTUAL arts-in-education online programming and video conferencing to audiences around the world.

His production company TRANSMEDIA SOUND & MUSIC creates and delivers interactive live and pre-recorded video lecture-demonstrations in a multitude of accessible formats.  All content comes from his popular World Music Experience concerts, workshops, artist residencies, festivals and assembly programs, which he has conducted in thousands of sites since 1979. More information about these arts-in-education programs can be viewed AT THIS LINK.

His production facility encorporates state-of-the-art HD video and High-Quality Digital Audio along with software and hardware tools for content distribution of his four original programs entitled "MUSIC: The Voice of Unity," "INSTRUMENTS: Ancient 2 Future," "Beat of the Blue Planet," and "Voyage to Bongoland."

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You can watch 8 recent videos produced and distributed for two elementary schools in New York State during May and June, 2020 in this video gallery:


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